Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer

What is a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer?

A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer is an officer of the court who is hired privately to assist clients in receiving financial compensation as a result of their injuries from motorcycle accidents in the Los Angeles Area. There is no such thing as a lawyer "specialty" in motorcycle accidents. In fact, all lawyers in California are not legally allowed to call themselves motorcycle accident "specialists." Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers are simply practitioners of personal injury law who take on some motorcycle accident cases as part of their practice.

Why would I need a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer?

Normally, people don't always need a lawyer if they were involved in an auto accident because many involve minor damage with little to no injuries. Cars have padded seats, seatbelts, airbags, and surround the driver in a metal shield. Cars do not always fall on their sides when hit. On the other hand, motorcycles have no protection and therefore the resulting injuries are often serious. Moreover, motorcycles full of their sides after getting hit, which makes it a lot more likely for the vehicle to get totaled. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident your claim would likely be of the kind where you would benefit from hiring a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer.

How much money can a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer get me?

Generally speaking, motorcycle accident victims can recover their medical expenses, lost earnings, and further general damages like pain and suffering. With this said, almost any lawyer will tell you that there are no guarantees with regard to a claim. What this means is that the dollar amount that you can receive in your case is inherently uncertain. Largely, the reason for this is that lawyers predict the amount of money from a case based on the amount that the lawyer predicts the case will win a trial. Personal injury lawsuits allow what's called "general damages," which compensates victims for, among other things, their pain and suffering. This is an amount that is determined by the jury, who decides the amount within their discretion. No Los Angeles motorcycle injury lawyer is a fortuneteller, and therefore can never predict for 100% certainty the dollar amount that a jury will award.

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